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A required volunteer deposit in the amount of a $200.00 check or money order is due at tryouts. This is a separate payment from the registration fees.

If you complete your required shifts, your check will be torn up.  If you do not complete your required shifts, your check will be cashed.

Opportunities to Volunteer

  • All boys families will complete volunteer hours at the Boys Home Tournament, November 21-22, 2020.
  • All girls families will complete volunteer hours at the Girls Home Tournament, January 16th-17th, 2021.

Important Volunteer Information

  • CRCBC is using SignUpGenius to coordinate volunteer hours and shifts.
  • Each family in grades 5-8 needs to sign up for TWO shifts (4 hours each) PER PLAYER (maximum of 4 shifts/16 hours per family).   
  • 3rd/4th Grade families are asked sign up for 1 shift (4 hours) per player.
  • To ensure the completion of your commitment, you will need to complete all of your shifts.  If you DO NOT fulfill your commitment, your volunteer deposit check WILL be cashed.  It is your responsibility to check in and out at the volunteer registration table to make sure your hours are recorded. 
  • While we prefer adults volunteers, we do allow older siblings/family members to help if needed.  Volunteers must be 16 or older.
  • Parent Head Coaches and their ONE Assistant Coach are not required to complete volunteer shifts at the tournaments, as their requirements are met through their coaching duties.
  • Our home tournaments are the only opportunities for our families to complete your volunteer hours.  
  • We are using just one location for the Girl’s tournament, Coon Rapids High School.
  • Please arrive to your designated location 15 minutes prior to your shift start time and check in with the Volunteer coordinator.  They will provide you with instructions on where to go and if any additional training is required.
  • You will also need to CHECK OUT when your shift is over.
  • If your shift(s) falls during your child’s game(s), you must still complete and fulfill your volunteer requirements.   
  • If for some reason you have an emergency and have difficulty completing your commitment, you are welcome to find a responsible adult to work your shift.    
  • Prior to each tournament, a volunteer request will be sent out to CRCBC families, asking families to sign up for their desired shifts.  Shift work includes check in/admission tables, concessions, game clocks and more.  
  • If you are not interested in working the tournament, a flat $150 Volunteer Payment can be made to the organization to cover your volunteer hours.  You can pay this during registration.

Sign-up Genius for Volunteering

Shifts will be posted when ready.


Please contact our volunteer coordinator.

Allison Guggisberg

Volunteer Coordinator