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Board Members

The CRCBC Board meets the first Sunday of each month.  Meetings are scheduled on the website calendar.  For information contact us at:

The Annual Meeting will be held on May 21st at 7:00 pm on Zoom. We are actively seeking new board members. The agenda for the meeting is below. Please email at for the Zoom link.

Officers for 2019-2020 CRCBC Board

Pablo Hernandez

CRCBC President

Jon Young

Vice President, Boys

Ryan Green

Vice President, Girls

Eva Leavitt


Sarah Ross


Board Member Position Contact
Jeremy Hettwer Equipment Consultant, Operations
Mark Grams Equipment Director, Operations
Steve Wold Facilities Support, Operations
Kellan Christensen Facilities Director
Chad Christie Girls Tournament Director
Eric Strouse Boys Tournament Director
Monica Engstrom Concessions Director, Special Events Chair, Fundraising, Girls Tourney Support
Tim Barker Finance Committee, Tournaments, Operations
Beth Wold Concessions Support
Brenda Grams Concessions Support
Stephanie Tarr Special Events
Starr McGrath Registrar
Rhonda McKinney Volunteer Co-Chair, Special Events
Jessica Say Uniforms and Apparel
RT Taylor Coach/Program Development/Operations, Trusted Coaches
Jill Hettwer Special Events
Michelle Carlson Volunteer Co-Chair, Peeps Director, Special Events
Amber Young Webmaster & Communications Co-Director,, Apparel Committee
Amy Taylor Webmaster & Communications Co-Director, Apparel Committee
Mike Ogorek Men's Varsity Basketball Coach
Tom Weko Women's Varsity Basketball Coach

Other CRCBC Board Members and Roles