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Team Manager Information

On the right, we've compiled useful links to manage your team page on our website through Sports Engine.

There is a lot of functionality on these Team pages.  All practice schedules will be added to the different team calendars (by CRCBC), and we'd like the Team Mangers to add specific tournament games to the team calendars as they are published. Links to tournament brackets will be added by CRCBC to the main Team Pages.  

There are free apps for mobile devices available for Sports Engine Team pages.  These apps help you keep up to date on all events and activities, collect RSVPs for practices and games, add photos, as well as give you access to your entire team roster's contact information.  See the link on the right to learn more about these mobile apps.  

Team Managers can customize their pages as they see fit, by adding pictures or news, and access can granted to allow others to upload pictures as well.  The Rosters, Photos and Video portions of team pages only accessible via log in for each team.  These are "private" to protect the privacy of our players.  Schedules and the main pages are public.

If you need to have access granted for a team manager, or have any other questions, send an email via the link below.

To have a Team Manager granted access, or for any questions,

(click the envelope)

Sports Engine Guides and Help Center Link

Member Guide

This guide contains information about how to change address, emails, etc associated with your Sports NGIN account.

Coach/Manager Manual

This guide contains information about maintaining a Team Page in NGIN.

Sports Engine Help Center

This link is for all things Sports Engine. You can search anything!